Needle Clean-Up

Neighborhood Needle Awareness & Clean-Up Program:

HIV Alliance's Neighborhood Needle Awareness & Clean-Up Program is doing important work to protect the health and safety of our community with bi-weekly volunteer biohazard clean-up. The program is aimed at providing safe pick-up and disposal of used needles.

This program provides the following to our community:

  • Removal of needles from different sites
  • Biiohazard containers for volunteers
  • Group, neighborhood, and individual training on safe biohazard clean-up and disposal


HIV Alliance 1966 Garden Avenue Eugene

* Under the Washington/Jefferson Bridge at the restrooms
* Whitebird Clinic 341 E. 12th Eugene  (temporarily closed)
* Buckley House 605 W. 4th Eugene
* Springfield Public Library 225 Fifth Street Springfield

*If you find syringes, please call for safe pick up and disposal at 342-5088


Questions? More information?

Contact Scott Davis at

Needle Exchange

541-342-5088 x 114